Torn Meniscus 101

When you lead an active lifestyle or play in different sports, either professionally, for your school, or even just for fun, accidents are bound to happen. Physical contact sports increase the likelihood of injury even more than a sport such as bicycling. A torn meniscus is a common injury in basketball players. Both contact with other players as well as the pivoting movements made to avoid a foul and find a shot or someone to pass to require twisting and bending the knee.

Taking Care Of An Ankle Sprain

Sports-related injuries can happen no matter how badly you try to stop them. A very common sports injury is a sprained ankle, and they can be very painful. Shoes offer ankle support, but accidents still occur. When they do occur, it is going to be very important that you get the right treatment, or you could be in for a long recovery. A foot and ankle doctor or a physical therapist can deal with a sprained ankle; and they often have become very efficient with treatment.