Taking Care Of An Ankle Sprain

Sports-related injuries can happen no matter how badly you try to stop them. A very common sports injury is a sprained ankle, and they can be very painful. Shoes offer ankle support, but accidents still occur. When they do occur, it is going to be very important that you get the right treatment, or you could be in for a long recovery. A foot and ankle doctor or a physical therapist can deal with a sprained ankle; and they often have become very efficient with treatment. Here are just a few of the different methods you may experience when you are recovering from an ankle sprain.

The Rubber Therapy Band

In order for your ankle to gain strength and flexibility back, you will have to work your ankle out. One of the most common ways to get your ankle moving without hurting it is using a rubber band. These rubber therapy bands are designed to give you resistance, but not so much resistance that it will damage your ankle more. You can expect to put the band on the ball of your foot while holding both ends of the therapy band. When you are in this position you will be moving your foot in different directions. This will help strengthen your ankle.

Light Therapy

A new method of therapy is called light therapy. There are different types of light therapy, but none of them are painful. Your physical therapist will bring in a light wand and gently go over the hurt ankle with the wand. The different light waves are going to penetrate your foot and will act as a catalyst in the tissue. Light therapy is going to stimulate the area and will cause nerves to start to rebuild. The therapy is simple and can be extremely effective.


Your body runs on electrical impulses from nerves to muscles. Another very common form of therapy is electrotherapy. The therapist will put small patches on your ankle, and from these nodules you will receive a shock. The electrical pulse travels from patch to patch. The electricity is designed to get the tissue stimulated and to initiate blood flow to the area. The electrical pulse can be very mild, but it can also be fairly intense. After each session of electrotherapy you will be allowed to rest your ankle. The electrotherapy can improve muscle recovery as well as significantly improve your range of motion through your ankle joint.