Fingers Getting Stuck In Curled Position? You May Have Trigger Finger

If one of your fingers seems to get stuck in a curled position or it is snapping as you move it, you may have trigger finger. Read on to learn more about this condition and how to treat it. What Is Trigger Finger? Trigger finger is the layman's term for a condition called "Stenosing tenosynovitis." In your hand, you have a series of pulleys that hold tendons close to the bone.

When Is Shoulder Replacement The Best Option?

Do you have shoulder pain?  If yes, have you seen a doctor yet? Pain in the shoulder joint can be a sign of arthritis. The disease causes the soft cartilage of the shoulder to erode, resulting in pain when bones touch. The condition can often be controlled with drugs and a change of lifestyle. However, if it fails to respond to these, shoulder replacement surgery can be suggested. Surgery leads to the replacement of the whole joint, and it can remove a great deal of pain.