4 Handy Things To Know Before Helping Your Elderly Parent Recover From Shoulder Replacement Surgery

After decades of lifting, pushing, pulling, and general hard work, it's not unusual for a senior to experience serious shoulder problems from arthritis, injuries, and degeneration related to aging. In many cases, shoulder replacement surgery is the best option to reduce the pain and help your elderly parent regain full use of his or her arm. Although not as common as knee and hip replacement surgeries, over 53,000 shoulder joint replacements occur in the United States each year.

Delaying Your Knee Replacement? 3 Reasons You Should Not Postpone Surgery

You may have been dealing with significant knee pain for several years and your orthopedic surgeon has informed you a knee replacement is the best option. Although you may be concerned about having a major surgery, postponing your knee replacement can exacerbate orthopedic and overall health concerns. Preventing A Total Knee Replacement Depending on the extent and location of damage, your surgeon may have suggested a partial knee replacement. Since a partial knee replacement is significantly less complex than a total knee replacement, there are many advantages to having surgery while this is still an option.