Dealing With Workers' Compensation Issues? Why Your Clients Need Independent Medical Evaluations

If you provide legal services for clients who have sustained work-related injuries, and you want to ensure that they receive the compensation they're entitled to, the best thing you can do is obtain independent medical evaluations. The insurance company will request their own medical evaluations. Unfortunately, those evaluations are usually aimed at reducing liability for their clients. That's where an independent medical evaluation comes into the picture. Read the information below. You'll find four important reasons to arrange independent medical evaluations for your workers' compensation clients. 

Provide Balanced Medical Evidence

When your clients are suing for workers' compensation benefits, you need to ensure that the medical records reflect the type of injuries they incurred. One of the problems with insurance company evaluations is that the evidence isn't always balanced. In fact, in many cases, the medical information is presented in a way that undermines the actual injuries, which is why you need to send your clients in for independent medical evaluations. The independent evaluation helps to balance out the information, which can help your client receive the right compensation for their injuries. 

Assess All Physical Limitations

If you provide legal services for workers' compensation claims, you need to be concerned about their physical limitations. However, most insurance company evaluations only focus on the specific limitations associated with the initial injury. Unfortunately, that type of evaluation doesn't always provide the most accurate picture. That's why independent medical evaluations are so important to workers' compensation claims. Independent medical evaluations consider all aspects of your client's physical limitations, including how specific injuries create limitations elsewhere. 

Ensure a Detailed Evaluation

Finally, when you're handling work-related injury claims, you need to provide as many details about the injuries as possible. Most insurance company medical evaluations focus on the medical aspects of the injuries. However, independent medical evaluations go beyond the physical aspects of work-related injuries. The independent medical evaluation that your clients receive will also document how the injuries have affected their mental, emotional, and psychological well-being. 

Dispute Unfavorable Findings

If you have a client who has been denied benefits due to an unfavorable medical evaluation, now's the time to arrange for an independent medical evaluation. One of the benefits of an independent medical evaluation is that the information can be used to dispute reports that undermine your client's ability to obtain services. 

Give your clients the help they need. Ensure that your clients receive an independent medical evaluation right away.